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I'm Amanda and I'm a certified Health & Mental Health Coach. 




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It’s time to live a life of wellness & vitality!

Do you feel burnt out, stressed & anxious all the time?

You’re a professional, a mother, a partner and you have other things on your mind as well - like ageing parents, financial concerns, relationship challenges and changing hormones. 

Life Can Be Hectic & I Can See You're Juggling A Lot

I've been where you are!

While life may feel overwhelming or out of balance right now, happiness and joy can be right around the next corner. 

As a Health & Mental Wellness Coach, I’m here to support you. Sometimes it can be challenging to get back on track on your own, or find a pathway to the healthier, happier you.


But with some support and accountability, small tweaks to your life can lead to 


When life is out of balance, you might find your energy levels decrease & your relationships more challenging to navigate. You may find yourself reaching for chocolate or that extra glass of wine, providing temporary relief, but leading to weight gain or low mood.    

big changes.

It Doesn't Have To
Be This Way!

Imagine waking up feeling energised each morning instead, ready for the day ahead.Do you want to find flow & balance in your life & career?

The first step is to slow down & be still

If you know deep down that your physical or mental health are suffering, but you don’t know where to start, I can help!

It's time to become a happier & healthier version of yourself. 

Click below to book your FREE 15minute consultation 


I'm Amanda

As an award-winning Financial Adviser, I enjoyed my career, but realised I needed to make some serious changes in my life, when burnout crept up on me, along with a cancer diagnosis. 

I was living in a beautiful country town, with a loving family, but I’d become stressed, out of balance & unwell.

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