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What is Health Coaching & Mental Health Coaching

As a Health Coach, we guide the client towards achieving an overall vision of their health and wellbeing using a holistic approach.


Health coaching effectively motivates behaviour change through a structured and supportive coach-client partnership. Health coaching is grounded in positive psychology and encompasses the sciences of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle medicine, as well as coaching techniques. 

Mental Health coaching is an emerging and innovative way of providing health coaching services to those with mild to moderate mental health challenges like anxiety, low mood and depression. It is designed for people to access support early on and to improve their mental wellbeing by using a coach approach, evidenced based lifestyle medicine, positive psychology as well as ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy). 

Why Health & Wellness Coaching is effective 

Most people really struggle to change habits that have become ingrained over a lifetime. That's where a health coach is so effective, because they take a proactive approach using the latest evidence-based lifestyle medicine, accompanied by coaching techniques to help people realise their potential and live a life aligned with their values and personal strengths.


The foundations of wellbeing consist of:

Nutrition, movement, stress management, sleep, connection, mindset and sense of purpose.


For clients this is a journey of self-discovery, insight and awareness, inspiring and motivating them to take action that leads to long-term sustainable behaviour change.


I  empower clients to take responsibility for their own health by walking alongside them to educate, inform, champion and hold them accountable.


Behaviour change is a marathon not a sprint! My job is to partner with my clients to make positive and measurable changes that fit with their goals and foster wellbeing, so they can thrive!

What you can expect from our coaching journey together

It all starts with a call where we connect and this allows me to get to know you, explore what your needs are, your current obstacles or barriers and your health goals. We make sure we are a good fit as working with the right coach is important.

Generally we will work together over a series of 5 or 10 sessions or longer if needed. Coaching is a journey and together we will design a program that is tailored to your needs and led by you. To make sustainable long-term changes to your health and life takes time, persistence and commitment. 

Think about what would it feel like to be able to focus, feel calmer, wake up refreshed and motivated to enjoy the day and feel truly aligned at work and at home?

Let's Work Together

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