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Holistic Approach

“I feel more resilient, positive and grateful.


I feel that coaching has helped me to understand myself better, allowed me to have more self-compassion and a feeling of genuine relief from talking about my personal roadblocks.


Amanda has provided me with clear and effective tools to stop rumination and negative thinking.


Amanda has a holistic approach and demonstrates valuable insight, and she was able to get to the underlying problems. I have also valued her patience and generosity. “

Carla (Business Owner)


Life Changing

“The change in my overall mental health and anxiety levels has been enormous.


I totally underestimated the value of weekly sessions and how getting to the root of why I have certain behaviours has been invaluable and allows me to make clearer decisions that align with my values.


Understanding the concepts Amanda worked through with me has actually been life changing and has allowed me to balance my work life with my family life.”

Luci  (Small Business Owner)

Work/Life Balance

“What I liked about the coaching experience with Amanda was talking through the issues, problems and fears with an objective listener.


Getting affirmation that my challenges are not unique, but very common (not downplaying my burnout) but understanding that I can and will heal, recover and get better with the right steps forward.


My mindset has become more positive and optimistic with a view to my future career and controlling my work/life balance.


Reconnecting back to my values was very important and effective for me in helping me move forward, I have also experienced an improvement in my mental wellbeing and an increase in my overall energy levels.”

Robert (Head Teacher)

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