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Amanda Balcombe knew she had a passion for health and wellbeing from a young age. It wasn’t until she was seventeen years into her career in corporate finance that she decided to take the plunge in supporting people to reach their wellness goals as a health and mental wellness coach.

The Great Resignation


Amanda, a successful financial planner at the time, experienced a health scare in 2021 that changed her life forever, hitting the brakes on her career and forcing her to be ‘still’. Like many - women in particular - Amanda experienced burnout. 


Burnout describes the health implications of severe, prolonged stress – often borne from the workplace – resulting in complete mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion. It can start as lethargy, loss of enthusiasm and sleep irregularity, but its far-reaching fingers can, over time, affect victims far more deeply. Apart from simply not having the energy to take steps in looking after your health, some studies have shown that prolonged stress can lead to other, more concerning health implications. 


“After burning out and feeling totally depleted, I became a part of the Great Resignation, which for me has turned into my Greatest Realignment. I needed to come back into alignment with my values and my purpose as well as restore balance into my life.

“I needed to learn to give myself permission to prioritise my own health, to let go of guilt and understand the ripple effect this has on how I show up in my personal and professional life.”

Amanda’s burnout experience enflamed her passion and prompted her to follow a long-term dream of empowering others to regain their wellbeing. She had previously completed a Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing, and dove into both a Health Coaching certification and an Advanced Certificate in Mental Health, which she completed in 2022. Now also armed with a professional membership with the Health Coaches Australian and New Zealand Association, Amanda is ready to begin a new journey empowering rural and remote women in burnout prevention and mental wellbeing.


“[It] became my mission to heal not just myself but use my passion for health and connection to support other high achieving women regain their energy, confidence and enthusiasm for life.”

The Greatest Realignment

Amanda is no stranger to complementary health and its potential benefits in disease prevention. Her mother, a remedial massage therapist, taught her from a young age the importance of health and how it can be supported by a holistic lifestyle.

Health and wellness coaching is an emerging profession  involving client-centred, collaborative intervention which aims to support sustainable health changes in clients. At its core, a health coach offers a highly individualised approach to wellness, working alongside clients to adopt and maintain positive lifestyle choices such as exercise, healthy eating, and stress management techniques. 

“I use the same skills [as in my financial planning career]—empathy, compassion, long-term strategies over quick fixes—to help women CEOs, entrepreneurs and career returners create strong and healthy bodies, minds and relationships.”


Amanda is a big believer in complementary health, working alongside allied health professionals to maximise outcomes for clients. Amanda offers one on one health and mental wellness coaching with clients either face to face or virtually. This is typically done over a number of sessions, depending on a client’s goals, level of support needed, and progress.

“I want to empower rural women – and men – like myself, find clarity, step

into calm, and find balance in their daily lives by creating healthy

habits and rituals that promote and enhance their health and

mental wellbeing.”


From this, Amanda hopes to support rural and remote women

regain their health – knowing that someone has their back, cheering

them on to become a happier and healthier version of themselves.

Reconnecting people back to their values, building their own

capacity to meet challenges and become their own “change agent”.

Words By: Georgie Gengos

“I needed to learn to give myself permission to prioritise my own health, to let go of guilt and understand the ripple effect this has on how I show up in my personal and professional life.”

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